Composed by Nicaela, LLC


The mission of Composed By Nicaela LLC, is to provide professional and unique music services and education to our clients, including but not limited to; custom wedding and event music, the sale of sheet music and audio by Nicaela Pangborn, and lessons for the local community in music theory, composition, and piano.

Composed By Nicaela LLC is dedicated to bringing clients a hands-on experience, creating and engraving music custom designed for each client with the help of professional composer, Nicaela Pangborn. Whether we are composing for a client’s wedding, event, or any other need, we are committed to providing an exemplary product.

Our lessons in music theory, composition, and piano are successfully educating new musicians who are aspiring for new talent, creativity, and development. If our clients are looking to start a future and career in music, or just looking to explore their passion, we will maintain a positive and flexible environment suited to each student’s needs in order to encourage mature and healthy musical growth.

Composed By Nicaela LLC is an exclusive opportunity for individuals to work with a professional composer to write music, access unique compositions, or learn more about music for themselves. We promise that each client will receive music services guaranteed to meet their personal satisfaction. The only question we have for clients is, what music can we discover with you?

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